Thursday, November 29, 2012

New York's wacky pictures ;)

Here they are. The fun pictures of a week in NY, NY. Enjoy.

And that wrap's it up. That suitcase on the right and on the ground are mine. Yes I did some damage ;)
But I did finally find some flamingo lawn ornaments for the pricely sum of...$7. Ha!

That's all folks!

New York, Part 2.

More pictures from my trip to New York in September. I didn't realise I took so much!

I'm going to begin on a more serious note. The 9/11 memorial. Words can not explain it, pictures neither.
Just goose bumps...

The only Belgian who got killed, more goose bumps.

And then we went to the ocean...Coney Island! It's a very strange sensation to walk on a beach when you just came out of a subway. But a whole lot of fun! 
We took a ride on the Wonder Wheel in one of the swinging cars. I must admit, I was a bit scared. But very happy I didn't eat a corndog BEFORE we went on it.

 The beach!

 The Wonder Wheel!

What song was stuck in my head while I was on Coney Island? 
Under the boardwalk...

And then...New York by night. On top of the Empire State Building. With a full moon. Just lovely.
We went on the main deck and what a great view! If you ever want to go, and you don't want to waste your precious minutes (or even hours) in New York, order Main Deck express tickets. Believe me it's worth it!

And we went to an off broadway musical. Hilarious! It was so funny, I cried.

And we went to the Brooklyn Brewery...
If you go, visit the Brooklyn flea. Good vintage, good food ;)

That's all I have to say about New york. However I'm going to make one more post with fun and crazy pictures.

Don't's Dressember on saturday ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New York in September...

I do realize that it's almost December, but whatever ;) the end of September I went to New York for the second time. Again the week was crammed full with sightseeing, shopping and a smidge of culture. I still haven't seen everything. And I keep adding favourite shopping adresses.

Picture time!

Do you know what this is? It's part of a mini exhibition at the Public Library (Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street). This exhibition was made for me. Very vintage kitsch! Some more pictures for you.

Did I mention I want a pink kitchen? I was in heaven darling.

Now on to the one museum we took a peek at. And yes, a peek. Because the Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) is enormous. However the things we did see...*nice*

That's my new sofa ;)

Yes this is INSIDE the museum!

Funky on the rooftop...

That view...sigh...I wish I was there again...

I think I'll leave it with this for tonight. Otherwise...picture overload!!! There is so much I still want to share, but first a reminder. Yes, it's here again...Dressember! You heard it right. A whole month of dresses.

Goodnight and join Dressember!
=> you have to make a friend request, but no one get's turned down! So go on, I know you want to ;)