Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New York in September...

I do realize that it's almost December, but whatever ;) the end of September I went to New York for the second time. Again the week was crammed full with sightseeing, shopping and a smidge of culture. I still haven't seen everything. And I keep adding favourite shopping adresses.

Picture time!

Do you know what this is? It's part of a mini exhibition at the Public Library (Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street). This exhibition was made for me. Very vintage kitsch! Some more pictures for you.

Did I mention I want a pink kitchen? I was in heaven darling.

Now on to the one museum we took a peek at. And yes, a peek. Because the Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) is enormous. However the things we did see...*nice*

That's my new sofa ;)

Yes this is INSIDE the museum!

Funky on the rooftop...

That view...sigh...I wish I was there again...

I think I'll leave it with this for tonight. Otherwise...picture overload!!! There is so much I still want to share, but first a reminder. Yes, it's here again...Dressember! You heard it right. A whole month of dresses.

Goodnight and join Dressember!
=> you have to make a friend request, but no one get's turned down! So go on, I know you want to ;)

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