Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three posts in one.

So three things to talk about. First of all this is an outfit post. The pictures are from last week, when it was unseasonally gorgeous weather. My lovely dress and belt are from Vivien Of Holloway. The glasses, I'm not sure!
Number two in this post is my lovely hair, if I do say so myself. My second try at pincurls. At first I look like I just put my fingers into an electrical socket. however after a few firm brush strokes all is well.
Now the third item is a bit of a trial. I wanted to achieve red lips, without all the fuss of lipliner. So I tried Super Stay 24 by Maybelline New York. I went for Red Passion, of course. Great colour and it does stay 24 hours, if not more. The best way to achieve this is to wait a while to apply the balm after you've put on the colour. I like it a lot, just because my beauty routine is a bit faster with it. Great for the day time. So here are the pictures!

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